Our Guelph Charity

Community Living Guelph Wellington is pleased to endorse the Dollars and Sense Coupon Book produced by Community Fundraising Alliance. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Coupon Book will go directly to supporting the programs and services for people with an intellectual disability and reside in the City of Guelph and in communities throughout Wellington County.

Community Living Guelph Wellington has provided services and support to people with an intellectual disability in the Guelph and Wellington County since 1955. Currently 400 people access and participate in a variety of programs. Volunteers from the community and donations from the community supplement the programs offered and enabled Community Living Guelph Wellington to continue to provide quality services.

We are pleased to be involved with the Dollars and Sense Coupon Book produced by Community Fundraising Alliance and appreciates the involvement of local businesses that are featured throughout the Coupon Book.

We hope you enjoy the services and savings offered throughout the Coupon Book!

Community Living Guelph Wellington was founded in 1955 by concerned citizens and parents of children with intellectual disabilities. It has since evolved into a diverse agency that is committed to including people with an intellect disability into their communities and providing quality individualized services to people who reside in Guelph and Wellington County.

We are funded by the Ministry of Community, Family and Children’s Services. Our mandate is to provide services to people over the age of eighteen, who have an intellectual disability, and reside in Wellington County.

Currently, 400 people who reside in Guelph and Wellington County access our services which include residential supports such as group homes and supporting people to reside in their own dwellings; employment training and support in workshop sites in the community; day program activities such as life skill development, accessing community activities and volunteering in the community and recreational activities. Over 320 people are employed to provide direct services in program sites in Guelph, Fergus, Belwood, Harrison, and Mount Forest.

Thank you for supporting the Community Living Guelph Wellington. For more information on Community Living Guelph Wellington, visit our website at www.gwacl.on.ca or call us at (519) 824-2480.

Community Living Guelph Wellington gladly accepts tax deductible charitable donations.