The Community Fundraising Alliance has been publishing the Dollars & Sense Coupon Books for over 15 years, with many of its customers being loyal, repeat buyers. With a combined circulation of 40,000 and a presence in two prominent communities – London (12,000) and Sarnia (18,000) – the Dollars and Sense Coupon Books annually drive customers to over 270 restaurants and businesses.

As part of its efforts to give back to each of the communities it represents, the Community Fundraising Alliance aligns itself with a charity for each book, providing them with proceeds from each book sold as well as an opportunity to share their message.

Advertising in Dollars and Sense Coupon Books promotes your business to a motivated audience who have already shown their commitment to supporting local vendors by making the initial purchase of the book. Reach out to the active and dedicated consumers in your area by advertising in Dollars and Sense Coupon Books.

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